Ierland waarschuwt Schotland

Kijk uit voor onverwachte effecten van rookverboden in de horeca, schrijft de Ierse minister van Milieu aan de Schotse deelregering. Het aantal branden thuis, veroorzaakt door het roken, is in Ierland gigantisch toegenomen sinds het rookverbod werd ingevoerd.

Blijkbaar zijn toch meer mensen thuisgebleven om daar hun biertje te drinken en daarbij hun sigaret te kunnen roken, volgens de minister.

Deze constatering sluit naadloos aan bij de gemelde terugloop in cafébezoek in Ierland… Beginnen de Ieren nu ook in te zien dat hun ééndimensionale kijk op roken uiteindelijk heel wat meer facetten kent dan alleen de gezondheid?

An Irish government minister said yesterday that early indications suggested an alarming increase in the number of domestic fire deaths caused by cigarettes since the smoking ban in public places was introduced eight months ago.

The move has apparently persuaded many smokers to stay at home and drink in their own houses rather than go out to pubs.

The Irish government issued a Christmas fire alert yesterday following a number of recent tragedies.

Batt O’Keefe, a junior environment minister, warned the public of the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol at home.

The minister said he was concerned at the dangers of smoking in the home, particularly when combined with alcohol.

He revealed that initial indications were that the percentage of fire fatalities where the confirmed cause is cigarettes was expected to rise this year and he said he wanted this trend halted as quickly as possible.

The Scottish Licensed Trade Association seized on the Irish situation to urge the Executive to abandon its plans to ban smoking in all public places in Scotland.

A spokesman for the association said: “The latest figures are tragic, but sadly predictable.

More may die in fires after smoking ban, ministers told

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  • "Es ist schwieriger, eine vorgefaßte Meinung zu zertrümmern als ein Atom."
    (Het is moeilijker een vooroordeel aan flarden te schieten dan een atoom.)
    Albert Einstein

  • "Als je alles zou laten dat slecht is voor je gezondheid, dan ging je kapot"
    Anonieme arts

  • "The effects of other people smoking in my presence is so small it doesn't worry me."
    Sir Richard Doll, 2001

  • "Een leugen wordt de waarheid als hij maar vaak genoeg wordt herhaald"
    Joseph Goebbels, Minister van Propaganda, Nazi Duitsland

  • "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
    Mahatma Gandhi

  • "There''s no such thing as perfect air. If there was, God wouldn''t have put bristles in our noses"
    Coun. Bill Clement

  • "Better a smoking freedom than a non-smoking tyranny"
    Antonio Martino, Italiaanse Minister van Defensie

  • "If smoking cigars is not permitted in heaven, I won't go."
    Mark Twain

  • I've alllllllways said that asking smokers "do you want to quit?" and reporting the results of that question, as is, is horribly misleading. It's a TWO part question. After asking if one wants to quit it must be followed up with "Why?" Ask why and the majority of the answers will be "because I'm supposed to" (victims of guilt and propaganda), not "because I want to."
    Audrey Silk, NYCCLASH