BMI veel te grof

De volgende ‘epidemie’ die volgens de WHO bestreden dient te worden is die van overgewicht en obesiteit. Uitgangspunt daarbij is de Body Mass Index (BMI) die slechts gebaseerd is op twee maten: lengte en gewicht. Een BMI van 30 of meer klassificeert iemand als obees, hoger dan 25 als te zwaar.

Volgens is de BMI misleidend: mensen met veel spieren kunnen hierdoor als zwaarlijvig worden gedefinieerd terwijl ze nauwelijks vet aan het lichaam hebben en dus niet ongezond zijn.

Om de klandizie voor hun oorlog tegen vet uit te breiden gaat de WHO nu ook ras bij de definitie van de index betrekken waardoor onder andere Aziaten al veel eerder als te dik of obees worden geclassificeerd…

Hoe creëer je een epidemie? Heel simpel: door standaarden aan te passen…

No one likes being called “fat,” “overweight,” or — most of all —
“obese.” But the truth hurts, and the sooner Tom Cruise, Mark McGwire, Michael
Jordan, and President Bush acknowledge their bloated physiques, the sooner they
can trim down. What’s that you say? These fitness fanatics aren’t fat? They are
indeed, according to the federal government’s
Mass Index (BMI) standard
, which uses only height and weight to
classify folks as obese, overweight, or government-approved.

A BMI of 30 or more tags you as obese. At 5 feet, 7 inches and 201
scores a BMI of 31. Likewise, back in his homerun hitting
Mark McGwire (6-5, 250 lbs.) was considered
“obese” due to his BMI of 30. Our super-fit
President and Michael Jordan are only slightly better off,
according to the BMI scale. They score 26 and 25 respectively, and are therefore

The BMI standard is laughable. Even the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention acknowledges: “
Overweight may or may not be due to increases in body fat. It
may also be due to an increase in lean muscle
.” In other words, the
Body Mass Index is a poor judge of an individual’s health or ideal weight. Just
“Porker” Gibson
(5-9, 214 lbs., BMI of 32).

Adding to the lunacy, one night in 1998 the BMI scale arbitrarily shifted, instantly casting
39 million previously government-approved Americans into the “overweight”
. Movie star Will
(6-2, 210 lbs., BMI of 27) went to bed a hunk, and woke up a
chunk. The BMI standard that we abandoned in 1998 was equally suspect, but at
least it distinguished between men and women — something that the current
standard doesn’t even attempt to do.

And now the World Health Organization (WHO) wants to begin determining
“acceptable” BMI levels according to race. If WHO gets its way,
Asians will
join the “Last Samurai” in the obese category if their BMI hits 26

(5-7 and 163 pounds, for example). And a BMI of just 22 — perfectly “healthy”
for most of us, even by WHO’s ever-tightening standards — will make an Asian
“overweight.” At 5-8, 160 pounds, BMI of 24, martial arts extraordinaire
would suddenly become a certified fatty.

The faulty Body Mass Index doesn’t serve the health interests of
Americans. It only serves the meddlesome interests of
trial lawyers and food cops. Thanks to the BMI standard, we are
incessantly bombarded with the misleading statistic that
61 percent of Americans are overweight or obese.
Such figures are the weak statistical foundation on which food activists build
their nutritional utopias, including arguments for
fat taxes and obesity lawsuits. And they are the reason Harrison
(6-1, 218 lbs., BMI of 29) is a biscuit shy of obesity.

Health Police Manufacture An Epidemic

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