Willen de anti’s eigenlijk wel rokers helpen?!

Onderzoekers op het gerenommeerde Academia Sinica in Taiwan hebben een peptide (gen) ontwikkeld dat, indien ingebouwd in de tabaksplant, sigaretten zal opleveren die longkanker kunnen helpen bestrijden.

Mooi zou je zeggen, de stof komt dan precies terecht bij de mensen die het het beste kunnen gebruiken. Nee, zeggen opgeschrikte anti-organisaties, dit mag niet want anti-longkankersigaretten zullen het roken aanmoedigen.

En wéér is een bewijs geleverd van het radicale en compromisloze karakter van de anti-rokenbeweging….

Prestigious research institution Academia Sinica has received a barrage of criticism from a leading anti-smoking group after one of its researchers created a peptide which can be used to grow tobacco that may help fight lung caner.

Dr. Chen Hueih-min, a researcher at Academia Sinica’s Institute of BioAgriculture Sciences, on Wednesday unveiled his findings that the gene of CB1b, a peptide which kills cancer cells, can be transferred into tobacco plants to produce cigarettes that help prevent lung cancer.

The concept of CB1b derives from a natural anti-germ peptide found in silkworms. And the artificially-constructed peptide is found to be 1.3 to 13 times more effective in killing cancer cells while less harmful to normal cells in lab tests, according to Dr. Chen.

His theory, however, raised the eyebrows of anti-smoking advocates at John Tung Foundation, who blamed the Academia Sinica for trading “academic ethics” for commercial profits.

“We urge the Academia Sinica to make a public correction and to stop publicizing half-done research that will mislead the public,” stated Lin Ching-li, director of the foundation’s tobacco control section.

“We’ve received several calls from people who are trying to quit smoking and they complained that they are deceived by us because the Academia Sinica said certain cigarettes may prevent lung cancer,” she said.

The advocates bristled that promoting the so-called “anti-lung cancer cigarettes” is to promote smoking. And even cigarettes containing CB1b could inhibit lung cancer cells, smoking will produce over 200 harmful ingredients and is still the cause of over 20 types of cancers and ailments.

Instead of transferring the gene of CB1b to tobacco plants, researchers should employ the new technology to grow vegetables and fruits that can help curb malignant tumors, Lin remarked.

John Tung Foundation made its appeal and advice via a letter addressed to Academia Sinica President Lee Yuan-tseh yesterday.

In response, Dr. Chen explained that his original goal was to produce a peptide to help reduce the risk of lung cancer among the vast number of smokers.

Bron: The China Post

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