Het algemene rookverbod in de buitenlucht van het stadje Calabasas in Californië heeft een satirisch blad geïnspireerd tot het schrijven van een artikel over de herinvoering van de schandpaal in dat stadje.

Overigens heeft ASH Engeland, in tegenstelling tot haar naamgenoot in de VS, zich uitgesproken tegen dit soort draconische maatregelen. Deze organisatie zei in een artikel in de Guardian:

“In some outdoor environments, like football grounds and railway stations, there is genuine cause for concern,” says Deborah Arnott, of the anti-smoking group Action on Smoking and Health. “But in other places, there are pretty obvious facts about air circulation which mean the potential for harm is far less. Certainly, stopping people smoking in their homes is taking things a bit far.”

ASH in de VS moedigt echter dit soort verregaande wetgeving aan. Nog geen maand geleden pleitte ze zelfs publiek voor het boycotten van rokers bij sollicitatiegesprekken.

CALABASAS, Calif. – Thinking of lighting up in California? Think again. A new shaming law here takes effect this month will put smokers in publicly placed stockades for up to 30 days as part of legislation intended to shame smokers and cut health care costs.

 “When we told the truth of how we lied to people about the potential effects of smoking, we assumed that you people would cut us some slack. But [this] just make us want to lie all over again.”

 — Jim Druthers, spokesman
 Smith/Bennings Tobacco

Tobacco companies immediately cried foul and vowed to fight the draconian legislation. Smith/Bennings Tobacco spokesman Jim Druthers said, “When we told the truth of how we lied to people about the potential effects of smoking, we assumed that you people would cut us some slack. But these draconian measures just make us want to lie all over again.”

But advocates of the new anti-smoking law praised the state legislature for its brave new action. Megan MacIntyre, of the Los Angeles-based lobbyist group Fuming Mad Californians said, “This is a great day for the people of Calabasas. Smoking is shameful, so smokers may need to be shamed in order to finally get the message. If it’s for the greater good then we don’t mind resorting to any tactics that will get the last few holdouts to embrace our values.”

Only one smoker so far has been put in the stockade. Andy Rybyzynski, of Calabasas, was placed in a stockade outside the main entrance of a downtown shopping mall. A dozen or so local residents pelted Rybyzynski with tomatoes and eggplants when he tried to light up with a cigarette he’d hidden in the lining of her jacket.

 “I don’t do nothing wrong,” said Rybyzinski. “I only smoke. How come all these cars can smoke, but I can’t, huh? This is America… it’s my right, my freedom, no?! Please, let me out… I have to go to the bathroom!”

Local residents were overwhelmingly in agreement with the new shaming laws, though many quietly conceded that not allowing the guilty party out for bathroom breaks was too much.

Still, a neighbor who wished to remain anonymous breathed deeply and peacefully as she spoke about Rybyzinsky and the no-smoking ordinance. “With that Euro-trash off the streets, I already feel better. I was really worried that my grandchildren and great grandchildren would acquire third- or fourth-hand smoke. Maybe he’ll think twice now before he lights up.”

California Town Installs Stockades for Smokers

Second hand eating
Californians were one of the first places in the nation to eliminate smoking in bars and restaurants. Now, it seems, they may be the first to eliminate eating in bars and restaurants, too.

California Bans Alcohol in Bars
In a sweeping reform bill, the California state legislature today passed a law prohibiting the serving of alcohol in bars. Lawmakers pointed to the precedent of smoking-related laws enacted in recent years and celebrated by toasting with glasses of water on the steps of the capitol.

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  • "Es ist schwieriger, eine vorgefaßte Meinung zu zertrümmern als ein Atom."
    (Het is moeilijker een vooroordeel aan flarden te schieten dan een atoom.)
    Albert Einstein

  • "Als je alles zou laten dat slecht is voor je gezondheid, dan ging je kapot"
    Anonieme arts

  • "The effects of other people smoking in my presence is so small it doesn't worry me."
    Sir Richard Doll, 2001

  • "Een leugen wordt de waarheid als hij maar vaak genoeg wordt herhaald"
    Joseph Goebbels, Minister van Propaganda, Nazi Duitsland

  • "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."
    Mahatma Gandhi

  • "There''s no such thing as perfect air. If there was, God wouldn''t have put bristles in our noses"
    Coun. Bill Clement

  • "Better a smoking freedom than a non-smoking tyranny"
    Antonio Martino, Italiaanse Minister van Defensie

  • "If smoking cigars is not permitted in heaven, I won't go."
    Mark Twain

  • I've alllllllways said that asking smokers "do you want to quit?" and reporting the results of that question, as is, is horribly misleading. It's a TWO part question. After asking if one wants to quit it must be followed up with "Why?" Ask why and the majority of the answers will be "because I'm supposed to" (victims of guilt and propaganda), not "because I want to."
    Audrey Silk, NYCCLASH