Rookvrije cruises geen succes

“We’ve never understood why it was not successful … We should’ve been sailing full”

De eigenaren van Carnival Cruises begrijpen nog steeds niet waarom hun rookvrije cruises op het ‘zero tolerance’ schip de Paradise niet een groot publiek trokken. De verliesgevendheid van de cruises heeft hun nu laten besluiten de rookvrije cruises, die in 1998 begonnen, te stoppen.

Smoke-free ship lacks customers

Carnival is ending its smoke-free cruises aboard the Paradise.

The 2,052-passenger ship has operated since its introduction in 1998 as a smoke-free vessel, cruising from Miami to the Caribbean with a zero tolerance for cigars and cigarettes among both passengers and crew.

But there were not enough takers to keep the idea going. Carnival had a hard time booking groups aboard the ship, and as a result the Paradise will lose its smoke-free status in September, when it is redeployed to California for cruises from Long Beach to Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico.

“We’ve never understood why it was not successful … We should’ve been sailing full,” Carnival spokesman Tim Gallagher told the Miami Herald.

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