Koreanen vaak op roken betrapt

Zuid-Koreanen hebben in de luchtvaart een naam opgebouwd als overtreder van de rookverboden in vliegtuigen en op vliegvelden. Het is inmiddels zó erg geworden dat de Koreaanse regering, via de reisbureaus, een brief heeft doen uitgaan aan de reizigers:

Smoking on a plane not only harms the international image of Korea but also requires travelers be subject to punishments

Geen woord over de noodzakelijkheid van rookverboden?!

Korean travelers have built a reputation for making a nuisance of themselves by ignoring international flight regulations. Some passengers had to be released on bail in foreign countries after being detained for violating smoking bans.

A Korean passenger was recently caught smoking cigarettes in a restroom on a foreign airplane bound for Hong Kong and was taken to the Hong Kong police immediately upon arrival, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

The arrested passenger was released on bail after being questioned by the police.

The Hong Kong police have prepared strong disciplinary measures in order to prevent any further trouble as four Korean travelers have failed to abide by the regulations on Hong Kong-bound flights this year already.


However, it is not a simple matter for airlines to prevent and handle such situations.

“Even though some of our passengers violate in-flight regulations, they are still our precious customers, which means we should be extremely careful in handling such troubles,’’ an official of Korean Air said.

Some passengers drink too much alcohol on flights and create a scene.

“We try our best to prevent such problems and persuade troublesome passengers to behave themselves. But if a passenger does not behave properly, our male flight attendants, who are mostly sports majors and are at least 175 centimeters tall, have no choice but to solve the problem in the most polite way possible,’’ an official of Asiana Airlines said.

Korea Times

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