Civil Liberties Groep oprichter onder vuur van anti’s

De Canadese organisatie C.A.G.E. (Canadians Against Government Encroachment), neemt al enige tijd met veel succes de gezondheidsindustrie in Canada onder vuur. Via onderzoeken en analyses toont men aan hoe de gezondheidsmaffia in Canada het publiek voor de gek houdt en misleidt.

Dat is daar blijkbaar niet in goede aarde gevallen want een van de oprichters van de groep, Dr. David Romano, wordt nu persoonlijk, door de anti-rokers met name, op een speciale website zwart gemaakt.

Al eerder merkten ook Dr. Siegel, Dr. Richard Smith (BMJ) en de onderzoekers Enstrom en Kabat aan den lijve dat dit een normale tactiek is van anti-organisaties: ad-hominem attacks (persoonlijke aanvallen) wanneer men het op inhoudelijke argumenten niet meer kan winnen.

Aan de andere kant tonen dit soort acties aan waarom veel wetenschappers niet durven uit te komen voor een mening die diametraal staat tegenover de dogma’s van de gezondheidsindustrie.

As of October 2006, many months after Dr. Romano had resigned as Vice President of C.A.G.E. in order to continue his career in academia, we have proof positive that he must have done a very good job. The health militants, feeling threatened by C.A.G.E. and by its exposition of the truth, by its in-depth research, by its big-picture analysis, and by its clear and unambiguous logic, have resorted to an aggressive ad-hominem attack campaign to try and defame Dr. Romano.

Those whom we refer to as “Antis” have apparently spent months researching the C.A.G.E. website, collected newspaper articles, Op-Eds, and letters to the editors, and analyzed Dr. Romano’s C.V. They then, under the name of “Cathy Bell”, launched an entire website dedicated to painting Dr. Romano as a “Corporate Whore” (despite the fact that he never earned a single penny from his C.A.G.E. activities), a “cult leader”, and a mentally unstable and possibly dangerous individual.

They carefully picked and selected statements, quoted out of context, and extrapolated from their own bias to make allegations that are as unfounded as they are libelous. Continuing under the name of “Cathy Bell”, they went on to send e-mails to the graduate departments at McGill and University of Toronto, and various professors under whom Dr. Romano has studied, and with whom he has worked, and advised them of David’s “unscrupulous behaviour”. Naturally, these e-mails were sent anonymously from an untraceable account, and no personal address was included.

In a way, we should be grateful to these people for having gone so much out of their way, and put so much time and energy into such an exploit. By doing so, they have done far more to prove what their nature is and what type of people are leading the health-nanny movement than we ever could have ourselves, in all of our letters to the editor, and all of our efforts on behalf of C.A.G.E. and of freedom-loving citizens.

The message in Cath Bell’s website is a very clear warning to Dr. Romano, to C.A.G.E., or to anyone else who would dare to stand up against what these people are doing to our society. The message that they are forcefully conveying is the following:

If you speak out against us, and against our movement, then we will destroy you, we will defame you, we will ruin your career, we will poison your reputation, and we will invent whatever we can to bring shame onto you!

If you speak out against our righteousness, we will silence you!

If you act against us and our efforts, which we pursue for YOUR OWN GOOD, then you must either be mentally unstable, evil, or a corporate whore, and we will do everything in our power to portray you as such both in the public eye, and in your private and career entourage.

Welcome to the land of free speech. Welcome to the Canada that C.A.G.E. is working very hard to steer us away from.

C.A.G.E. site
Artikel over de aanval op de oprichter
De Cathy Bell site: zwartmakerij

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