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 The WHO Scandal

WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative

Lessons in manipulating the Media:

  1. The global response to World No-Tobacco Day 1999 was 'overwhelming' said WHO. How overwhelming was it? The WHO used several tricks to raise the number of submissions. An analysis. PDF
  2. A brochure (Leave the pack behind) was compiled for that day. This brochure contains misleading statements and acts as a PR paper for Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). This brochure was also analysed. PDF
  3. What the tobacco industry is not allowed to do: WHO's Tobacco Free Initiative program is sponsored for over 70% by the pharmaceutical industries that supply NRT products.
    According to their budget overview external funding for this part of WHO was $8,000,000 out of $9,885,000 is >70%. According to their Annual Report (http://forces-nl.org/WHO/pdf/annualtf.pdf) this funding comes from:

    Glaxo Wellcome, Pharmacia & Upjohn and SmithKline Beecham, through IFPMA/WSMI supported the WNTD 1999; a WHO/Mayo clinic workshop on smoking cessation was supported by Glaxo Wellcome and Pharmacia & Upjohn. Merck & Co. has one staff secondment to TFI. Minnesota Blue Cross/Blue Shield pledged support for the analysis of industry documents and regulation. IDRC of Canada has supported the youth and tobacco project.

  4. WHO's predictions on the number of smoking related deaths in the world show a strange behaviour when analysed. They even predict ages for people in the third world that never reach these ages (according to their very own mortality/morbidity data). PDF

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All relevant documents are stored on a CD-ROM that is available from W+D. A German language book on Passive Smoking (preface), written by the same author, is also available.

Now available: WHO Horror. CD with documents referenced to by the article in Deutches Ärzteblatt

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