The Book
The Book
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Factsheet: Book/CD "Passive Smoking"

Intention was: To create a comprehensive documentation, useful/necessary for (further and retrospective) scientific and other serious work.

Highest usability was achieved; certain techniques were developed and implemented.

Structure: A combination of book and accompanying CD. Book: 304 pages; CD: thousands of text-files, facsimiles, documents (more than 10.000 pages).


* Bibliographical data representing nearly the whole body of scientific literature related to "cigarette smoking", "environmental tobacco smoke", "mainstream smoke", "passive smoking", "secondhand smoke", "sidestream smoke" etc. (more than 25.000 items).

* Descriptions of relevant statements, decisions, Public-Health and political opinions; history of basic definitions ("addiction", "dependence") and their alterations, for instance the revisions of the "International Classification of Diseases".

* Special data-collections, for instance the complete scientific work of hundreds of authors which were engaged in the "passive smoking"-research; this is an instrument to evaluate scientific developments, to detect changes in study-design, results etc.).

* Some chapters deal with related or relatable questions, from commonly used scientific methods (epidemiological approaches, risk-estimations, statistical techniques) to "Nicotine Replacement Therapy" ("NRT").

Special Features:

All text-processable data--an amount of many thousands of pages---can be retrieved within seconds, including great files containing collected data of the scientific literature. Every file can be used (viewed, printed, converted, exported etc.) as a single file and/or combinded with others for individual research-purposes. Files prepared by W+D are not restricted by any technical limitations.

Technical data: CD-Format: "ISO 9660", usable from any operating system.

The CD contains two fully functional demo-versions of word-processing applications for "Windows 95/98/NT" and "Apple-Macintosh" (the German "Papyrus" for "Windows" and the American "Nisus-Writer" for Mac). All bibliographical files on CD are available in both formats. Both programs offer excellent options esp. for scientific work (fast creating of indexes, easy and complete collecting, comparing, evaluating of data etc.; examples are given in the book).

The "International Standard Book Number" for Book and CD is:

ISBN: 3-934018-01-7

German Price: 98,-- DM (approx. 45,-- US $)

First printing: November 1999

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The Book
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